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we can help all takeaways, cafes and restaurants
with online ordering but without the high costs

Online ordering made easy

We started developing a solution for our clients who wanted to take orders but didn´t want to lose all their profits to high fees.

The result is Eezeemenu, which has become a stand-alone, low fee alternative to the expensive big boys.

Online ordering by Eezeemenu

“If you aren´t offering the convenience of online orders,
you are almost certainly losing customers to businesses that do”

More than ever, customers want the convenience and safety of ordering food online, even from their local takeaway. For many, it´s becoming the only way they order. Increasingly, if you aren´t offering it, you run the chance of losing customers to competitors who do.

The good news is that we make it easy and profitable to start taking orders. In no time, Eezeemenu can have you up and running and increasing your profits while at the same time giving your customers what they want.

Just some of the benefits of Eezeemenu include; next business day payments, handles pickup and delivery, builds loyalty because customers buy direct from you, lowest fees in Australia, custom colours, helps you ride tough times better and so much more.